Instagram Account Tracker

Instagram as a social media platform has grown exponentially over the years and is now used by millions of users. Being a friendly app, it also poses a threat to a person’s online security and privacy. It is okay to keep track of their Instagram activity and prevent them from getting into serious trouble. Especially for women, tracking their Instagram activity is crucial, as they tend to get abuse and harassment threats online. Your tracking of Instagram activity should only be for security purposes. Otherwise, it is unethical to intrude into someone’s personal life. 

Instagram account tracking is complex. One needs to have proper guidance to get the most from account tracking. This post will discuss some prudent ways to track user activity and get the desired result.

Seeing the DMs

Instagram or any other Instagram Account Tracker third-party app does not have any feature to check the DM of other users. To check it, you need to have their login credentials with you. So, if the person is close to you, you can ask for their login credentials and log in to their account on your device to go through their DM. Instagram does not have any feature like restoring deleted chat. To check the deleted conversation, you must go one step further by clicking on the download data in the security section of the settings. You will get a mail of the deleted message data within 48 hours.

Seeing the deleted message is necessary because sometimes everything seems fine with the present chat. But things could be fishy in the deleted chat data. Remember that the data of the deleted discussion will be delivered to the registered user’s mail.

Checking the liked post of the user

There are two ways to see the liked post of the user. The first one is simple. You should log into your account on your device and go to the activity section to check the liked post. But this could only be done if you have the user’s login credentials. Do not fret, as there is one other method too.

Various third-party Instagram Account Tracker sites let you see the post liked by the other user. Most of these sites are paid. So, choose the best location and plan for maximum results. You can check a place’s reviews to decide whether to buy the plan or not.

Checking the followers and following

If the user’s account is public, you can check their followers and follow them without even following them. But if you want to check the following and the followers of a private account, you must follow the user. You can create an anonymous account and follow them with the account if you do not want the user to know that you are following them.

Final Thoughts

With the help of some Instagram Account Tracker and built features, you can constantly and closely keep track of the account of the other person. Make sure to be prudent with your choice of a third-party app.