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Quickly and easily track anyone's public
Instagram activity — what they like and who they follow

Insta stalk Screenshot of a Snoopreport Instagram tracker weekly report dashboard Insta stalk Screenshot of a Snoopreport Instagram tracker weekly report dashboard

In this internet age, it's so much harder to keep tabs on the people you care about. Are your kids safe? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you?

At the same time, social media offers unprecedented insight into the personal lives of celebrities. Oooh the Kardashians have a new BFF!

Wouldn't it be great if you could use the power of social media to quickly and easily understand who your family, friends and favorite celebs are interacting with so you can keep up with the latest trends and spot early warning signs?

Introducing Snoopreport — the indispensable Instagram tracker for parents, partners, friends and fans.

Want to know how to see someone's likes on Instagram? Want to see who follows who on Instagram? You're in the right place because Snoopreport tells you everything someone has liked and all the people they've followed as well as exactly when all that happened.

Snoopreport is the Instagram activity tracker that helps you better understand the people you care about. Keep up to date on what your favorite celebrities, kids, boyfriends or girlfriends like on Instagram so you can share their interests, stay on trend and make sure your kids aren't being exposed to anything inappropriate. Supervise your child's social media use to keep them safe from internet predators. Keep tabs on who your significant other is following to make sure they're not cheating on you. All this and more is available to you through our accurate and easy-to-use Instagram tracking tool.

Instagram activity histories are available for you no matter your device. No need to download an app — Snoopreport's Instagram tracker does everything in the cloud, so you can access all that valuable information anywhere, any time.

Snoopreport will deliver incredible insights about anyone's activity on Instagram in beautiful and convenient reports and downloadable IG activity logs. As soon as you open the sleek interface, you can pull Instagram activity data from up to 36 weeks in the past. Need data that goes back further? Not a problem, just ask and our super supportive team will help you out.


Marketing on Instagram seemed like such a good idea. Just post a few photos and the leads and sales will come pouring in… Except you've been at it for ages and you still can't predict what'll go viral and what'll fall flat as a pancake.

The thing is, to be successful on Instagram you need a deep understanding of what your audience loves — not just what they like about your content. And you need to worm your way into the awareness of key influencers and opinion leaders in your industry.

Not a simple task.

But that's where Snoopreport comes in. Our comprehensive Instagram activity tracking software will enable you to see what anyone likes and who they follow. That means you can keep tabs on the content your followers love from other profiles and adjust your content strategy, so you're posting about all the topics your audience cares about. No more guessing and trial and error to discover what resonates, you'll have beautiful and easy-to-use reports that tell you exactly what kinds of content your followers love. And you'll be able to quickly discover the popular Insta profiles you need to engage with to grow your audience.

Which leads naturally through to the other critical part of what Snoopreport does for businesses and professionals — this convenient Instagram activity tracker allows you to quickly and easily understand the kinds of content industry influencers and leaders find compelling and re-share worthy. You can then further adjust your Instagram content strategy to include lots of content you know those key profiles will love, so they start promoting your brand for you. And who doesn't love that kind of free marketing?

Maximize your Instagram marketing performance with our Instagram activity services built for Instagram professionals. Target Influencers and opinion leaders, confirm engagement among specific users and follower segments, and understand your audience like no one else can. Our comprehensive reporting allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and outreach for long-term success.

Track what photos your friends or relatives have been liking on Instagram lately
Discover interests (this is how to see someone's activity on Instagram)
Don't know what present to choose? Want to know more about someone's interests and hobbies so you can plan enjoyable activities? Just find out what they've been liking on Instagram lately to get valuable insights and unique, meaningful ideas. Snoopreport Instagram tracker makes it easy to surprise and impress friends, family, lovers and crushes with thoughtful gifts and experiences they'll love and memories they'll cherish.
Check whom your boyfriend or girlfriend follow and comment in Instargram
Keep your jealousy at bay (see who follows who on Instagram)
Worried your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse might be straying? You don't have to stalk them or try to sneak a peak at their phone history. Simply keep tabs on who they follow on Instagram and the images they like with our handy Instagram activity tracker to see whether there's really any need for you to worry.
Find details of stars' and idols' lifestyle
Keep up with the latest trends (this is how to see what someone likes on Instagram in 2021)
Trends come and go far quicker than they used to, and we'd hate for you to miss the memo, so Snoopreport's Instagram tracking tools also help you effortlessly monitor trends no matter how busy you are. From in-season fashion and the latest diet to today's must-have tech gadgets, we'll help you understand what's popular among your favorite celebrities and public figures, so you can be confident you're never out of date.
Track your kids' activities in Instagram
Keep an eye on your kid's interests (vital instagram follower activity)
Remember when planking in outrageous and dangerous locations was all the rage? The weird, strange world of childhood popularity is impenetrable for most parents. And then there's cyber bullying and cyber grooming to worry about as well. Thankfully Snoopreport's IG activity log and Instagram tracking reports will help you easily keep track of your child's interests, followers, follows and online activity so you can spot potentially problematic situations before they get out of hand or pose a danger to your child.

Join 26,000+ users tracking Instagram activity with Snoopreport

In 2021 Snoopreport is believed to be the only legitimate and working Instagram activity tracking tool on the market. Our Instagram tracker is trusted by tens of thousands of people and businesses across the globe because it's a reliable and accurate tool that allows you to see what someone likes on Instagram and who they follow. It's often used together with Insta stalker apps and Instagram activity tracker tools to provide a full 360 degree perspective on specific Instagram users or user segments.

With an Instagram activity log from Snoopreport, individuals and businesses have an unprecedented source of user behavior insights allowing them to develop better communication strategies and nip potential issues in the bud. Our users love that they receive reports containing actionable data they can use right away without additional analysis or post-processing.

Sign up now to experience for yourself how Snoopreport can help you achieve your goals.


We love supporting the community, so we've made Snoopreport free for data science students and other researchers. Contact us to get a dataset for free.

How Snoopreport Instagram tracker works

Snoopreport is an Instagram tracker that enables you to snoop on any public Instagram profile
We collect data from open, publicly available sources

We use publicly available data, including ‘big data', to predict users' behavior and verify their actions. We don't need access to your Instagram account — or anyone else's for that matter.

You don't have to install an app on your cell phone or login to your Instagram account to see what photos and videos someone liked. In fact, you don't even need to follow the accounts you want to track.

You don't have to install app on your cell phone or to log into your Instagram account to see what photos and videos someone liked on Instagram.

And yes, it's still possible in 2021 to track someone's activity on Instagram even with the Instagram activity tab gone. As long as it's a public action, we can track it.

Snoopreport’s Instagram activity tracker continuously monitors the selected Instagram profiles
                        and automatically produces weekly or monthly reports for each.

We then generate beautiful, convenient weekly or monthly reports

View weekly and monthly reports of Insta activity in your dashboard based on the selections you make. In each report you'll get:

  • A summary of how active the user was during the time period along with their favorite user, hashtags and content topics — so you can get an instant overview of the user's activity
  • Details about which pieces of content they liked grouped by the profile that published that content along with information about whether the number of likes trended up or down — so you can see, visually, what the user was interested in, who they engaged with the most, and how that engagement changes over time
  • A list of all new followers including the date and time followed — so you can monitor who they're engaging with and when they're most active
  • A word cloud of all the hashtags listed on the content they liked during the time period — so you can identify the topics they were most interested in
  • A word cloud of the interests they expressed during the time period — so you can identify the types of profiles they were most interested in
  • A downloadable spreadsheet of all the content the user liked — so you can visit all the content and inspect it in detail if needed
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Snoopreport — Your ultimate IG activity tracker so you can see what someone liked on Instagram and who and what they're interested in

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The Snoopreport Instagram Activtity Tracker is your answer.

Whether you're looking to get to know family and friends better by discovering the accounts they follow and photos they like, or you want to be sure your boyfriend or girlfriend is as trustworthy as you think, we have a low-cost personal Instagram tracking subscription that's perfect for you.

Or if you're a professional wanting to level-up your Instagram marketing efforts and increase your ROI by better understanding the content your audience craves, we've got two cost-effective business Instagram activity tracker subscriptions to choose from based on whether you're a small business or you need to track a large number of accounts.

With our state-of-the-art tracking and monitoring software, you'll be able to learn more about anyone's interests than you ever thought possible.

So, if you want to better understand someone, whether they're family, a friend, a love interest, someone from your target audience or an industry influencer, Snoopreport's Instagram Activty Tracker gives you unprecedented insight into their likes, preferences and activities, by showing you what they like and who they follow on Instagram. Sign up now and start monitoring Instagram activity instantly.