Can You See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

See what others like and who they follow on Instagram with Snoopreport!
Track Instagram user activity like a professional.

Insta stalk Can You See What Someone Likes on Instagram? Insta stalk Can You See What Someone Likes on Instagram?
See what your friends are into.
What your friends and family like and who they follow on Instagram says a lot about their interests. Get closer to those around you than ever before by tracking their Instagram activity. Use your intel to find the perfect gift, spark new conversations, and build stronger connections.
Confirm or banish your suspicions.
Think a significant other is cheating? Want to see if your Tinder date is for real? Snoopreport can give you clarity around your suspicions. Track user activity to see what content they're engaging with, who they follow, and even when they're most active on IG.
Get starstruck by learning more about your favorite celebrities.
Instagram is a treasure trove of celebrity content. Track your favorite stars' accounts to see when they're using Instagram, the celebrities they follow, and what else your idols are up to.
Protect your kids from harmful content.
Teens on Instagram may be exposed to inappropriate content. Parents can use Snoopreport to see what type of content your teen is engaging with, the people and brands they follow, and when they're most active on IG — all without them knowing!


Casual Snoopreport

Professional Snoopreport

Skip the expensive private investigator — there's a better way to be nosy. Anyone can use Snoopreport to track their friends, family, or celebrity activity on Instagram. A one-of-a-kind tool, Snoopreport taps into public Instagram data and pairs it with our data science technologies to deliver insights in a neat and tidy package. Just tell Snoopreport which accounts you want to track and we'll handle the rest!
We'll even turn our insights into beautiful reports with all the data spelled out for you. Get up to 36 weeks' worth of intel — and even more upon request. It's the fastest way to see what your peeps are up to, and it's 100% discreet!

Professional Snoopreport

Curious to know more about your target audience? Want to keep tabs on a competitor? Need to figure out who your real competitors are? Snoopreport is the BFF of Instagram marketers because of how much you can learn with a little recon. We'll track the accounts of your biggest fans, your fiercest competitors, and influencers in your niche to help you gain a leg up. See what content your customers like and the accounts they follow to learn more about their interests beyond your brand. Uncover new competitors that want a piece of your target market. Use our insights to make every IG campaign stronger and more effective. Tracking Instagram user activity is easy with Snoopreport!

55,000+ Snoopers Love Snoopreport!

We don't like to brag, but we're loved around the world. More than 55,000 marketers and individuals use Snoopreport on a daily basis to get the inside scoop on the Instagram accounts of their choice. We track Instagram user activity privately so they never know you're seeing what they like, who they follow, or when they're most active on the network.
What's more, we do all of this for you automatically. Once you tell use the Instagram users to track, we'll go to work in collecting data and compiling it into actionable weekly and monthly reports. No more searching for insights manually or scratching your head with confusing reports and interfaces. Just simple, straightforward information you can trust.
So if you're wondering, “Can you see what someone likes on Instagram?” The answer is YES — with Snoopreport!

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How Does Snoopreport Work?

Snoopreport is an Instagram tracker that enables you to snoop on any public Instagram profile
Can You See What Someone Likes on Instagram? Here's How.
Tracking Instagram user activity sounds like a super secret spy mission, but it's actually simpler than you might think. We don't use any illegal tactics or sketchy policies — all of the Instagram data we track is publicly available. In fact, we don't even need access to your Instagram account. Snoopreport works above the fold using Big Data tools with public data. Just tell us the accounts you want to track, then sit back and wait for the results.
Snoopreport's Instagram activity tracker continuously monitors the selected Instagram profiles
                        and automatically produces weekly or monthly reports for each.

What Can You See with Snoopreport?

Snoopreport takes online sleuthing to new heights. Developed specifically for Instagram investigations, you can track Instagram user activities and get weekly or monthly reports to use for marketing or personal purposes. Some of the data we include in each report are as follows:

  • The number of likes and follows by an individual
  • The number of new followers of an account
  • The photos and videos a user liked
  • An account's most liked hashtags
  • A complete list of liked Instagram posts
  • A user's last Instagram activity
  • A user's likes and follows in a specific time period
We designed our reports to give you insights you can act on. It's data done for you, with no guesswork involved. No other tool can compare to Snoopreport!
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Get Real Results You Can Trust with the #1 Instagram Activity Tracker

Can you see what someone likes on Instagram? Snoopreport doesn't just make it possible — we make it reliable and insightful! There's no app to download and no funky interface you need to figure out. Everything happens in the cloud. Just sign up for Snoopreport, add the Instagram accounts you want to track, and get your reports. You'll be a professional snooper before you know it!

What will you do once you see what someone likes on Instagram? Well, lots of things! Use your reports to learn more about a person's interests so you can find new friends, make deeper connections, find the perfect gift for someone, or have more meaningful conversations with them. Know if your significant other is being real with you. See if your teen is engaging with people or content you don't approve of. The sky is the limit.

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing with Snoopreport!

There's no other tool on the market like Snoopreport! Snoop in secret so you can learn what you need about your competitors, customers, and people around you without anyone finding out. It's 100% legal and legit — get started in seconds.