How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram

Curious to see what other people like and who they follow on Instagram?
Check anyone's Instagram activity with Snoopreport!

Insta stalk How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram Insta stalk How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram
Get closer to your friends
From music and movies to that one special gift, Snoopreport makes it easy to see what your friends and family are into. Likes and follows can be very revealing about a person, so get inside their minds the easy way.
Check your trust issues at the gate.
Feeling suspicious of a significant other? See who they're following what they're liking on Instagram and confirm your gut instinct. It's more discreet than going through their phone!
Take a peek at the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
Learning how to see someone's activity on Instagram includes celebrities, too! See what your favorite celebrities are up to, the times they're most active on Instagram, and who they like and follow.
Stay connected to your kids.
Instagram is a favorite channel for teens, and Snoopreport lets them use it with confidence. Keep tabs on the accounts they follow and the content they engage with — they'll be none the wiser!


Instagram Tracking for Individuals

Instagram Tracking for Marketers

Snooping is caring, really! Our one-of-a-kind Instagram activity tracker helps you learn more about the people around you, from friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, or influencers you admire. Just tell Snoopreport the accounts you want to track and we'll show you everything from the content they like to who they follow to when they're most active on IG. Snoopreport does all the heavy lifting for you, compiling our findings into visually compelling, easy-to-read reports. Our data can go back 36 weeks, and even deeper upon request.
Set up takes seconds. Just create your Snoopreport account and add the Instagram accounts you want to track. Then, check out the reports we create on your behalf — it's so easy!

Instagram Tracking for Marketers

Learning how to see someone's activity on Instagram sets a strong foundation for every campaign. Snoopreport helps Instagram marketers get ahead of their competitors by offering comprehensive insights into Instagram user activities. Track engagement from your audience to see what content they like and who they follow. Discover new competitors that you want to emulate or ones that threaten your bottom line. Turn our insights into IG marketing success!

Trusted By 55,000+ Snoopers Around the World!

There's a reason why Snoopreport is internet famous — we bring one of the most valuable marketing tools to your hands at a very low cost! Let us teach you how to see someone's activity on Instagram without extensive searching, trial and error, and manual effort. We are the world's only legal, legitimate Instagram tracking tool on the market, offering reliable insights our users can trust.
When it comes to learning more about your family, friends, or target audience Instagram, there's no better way than to “snoop at scale.” Just sign up for Snoopreport, tell us the accounts to track, and we'll handle the rest! We'll show you what other people are interested in, who they're following, when they're active on Instagram, and so much more. Get to know others on a deeper level without asking annoying questions, going through their text messages, or letting them know you're snooping. We know how to keep a secret!


Want to get Snoopreport for free? Snoopreport is available to data science students and researchers.
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Snoopreport: How It Works

Snoopreport is an Instagram tracker that enables you to snoop on any public Instagram profile
100% Legal and Legit — Just Like It Should Be.
No fancy tricks or illegal tracking here. We respect others' privacy, which is why we only track data from public Instagram accounts. We combine Instagram data with our Big Data technologies and methodologies to collect insights at scale and in real time. Our goal is to save you the hassle of doing this manually, especially now that Instagram has removed its activity tab. Most importantly, we don't need special access to anyone's Instagram account, including yours.
Snoopreport's Instagram activity tracker continuously monitors the selected Instagram profiles
                        and automatically produces weekly or monthly reports for each.

Track Your Accounts. View Your Reports. Repeat.

You have full control over how you use Snoopreport. Set up only the accounts you want to track, then view the reports we create for you. Get weekly and monthly insights, including:

  • Likes and follows by individual
  • The number of new followers
  • The number of photos and videos a person liked
  • An account's most liked hashtags
  • Complete list of liked posts
  • Data of last Instagram activity
  • Likes and follows in a specific time range
We develop every report to be easy to read and immediately understood. Get everything spelled out for you so you can put that data to work immediately.
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Learn How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram in Seconds

With no app to download and no confusing interface to master, Snoopreport turns you into a stealthy snoop in seconds. Get reliable results and learn more about the things that matter to you.

Find the perfect gift for someone based on the Instagram content they like. Keep your kids close by making sure they're not engaging with harmful content on Instagram. Restore trust with your significant other (or send them packing for good!). Make your next marketing campaign bigger and better than ever. It's all possible with Snoopreport!

Choose the Best Instagram Activity Tracker on the Market!

Ready to snoop your way to your goals? Snoopreport is the only tool that can do what we do! Sign up and start tracking the Instagram accounts of your choice and discover how to see someone's Instagram activity the easy way!