Boomerang App | Boomerang Video

Boomerang is a standalone video creation application launched by Instagram in 2015. It helps you to create a short and repeating video in loops. The basics of the Boomerang are to create videos in loops. It means that from where you are starting a video, it returns back to the same stage. And the entire thing repeats in loops.

The entire video is made within six seconds, and three seconds include the scenes moving forward and the rest three reverse back. The boomerang app helps to create boomerangs that are almost like GIFs. But, like the GIFs play the entire thing from first to last, the boomerangs do not play the entire video, it plays the scenes to the end and then reverses back, creating fun and exciting content.

How can Boomerang videos enhance Instagram marketing?

The Boomerang is placed somewhere between a photo and a GIF. Thus, it has several advantages in Instagram marketing, and let us see how they can contribute to Instagram marketing.


Boomerang is an exciting and user-friendly application launched by Instagram, which makes Instagram more appealing to small and medium businesses that do not have the required resources ideal for mastering social media. The company primarily invests in traditional marketing strategies and other resources which they think can promote their business. However, they don’t understand the importance of the boomerang videos that can be created through Instagram. With the help of the Boomerang App, you can create simple yet effective and creative content that can appeal to your customers.


This means that the boomerang video can be easily shared. They provide an opportunity to reach customers in a way that traditional photos cannot. Although the videos might be one second longer than the boomerang videos, it also includes one second of branding. Therefore, advertisers must keep boomerangs in mind since they are easily shareable content. You can simply incorporate the boomerang videos between the advertisements or in place of the logos.

Competing with Snapchat

Snapchat, being the most competitive rival of Instagram, can be beaten if the boomerang videos can be used successfully. Instagram can simply use the boomerang videos for their advertisements, not for the customers or the marketers but for themselves. Snapchat, being a hot cake for most users, has several fun interactive elements. But Boomerang can serve the same purpose for Instagram too.

Final Words

Video forms replace texts daily and are the most commonly used form of communication. With the evolution of technology, GIFs could be the next replacement for emojis. And the boomerang videos can be used to create GIFs. Besides having the ability to create exciting content, the best part of the Instagram boomerang app is that it can be easily shared with others. Businesses can opt for the boomerang video to create unique content or to insert them between their promotional videos and make the content more exciting. It will also help them in their promotional campaign, and if they can use the Boomerang effectively, they can take their business forward efficiently.