Instagram User Name Ideas

Instagram User Name Ideas

Selecting an Instagram user name is one of the most challenging tasks faced by any brand looking to build a local customer base in and around social media platforms. Regarding company exposure in terms of promotion, the brand’s name plays a huge role. You need to decide on a name that will stay in the mind of the users engaging with your brand for the first time and prompt them to return later to check out the posts made by your profile.

Therefore, if you need help choosing a good username for your brand’s Instagram profile, here in this article, we have provided some ideas you can follow to effectively achieve maximum success on the platform.

·         Ensure the users are aware of the brand’s offering

When trying to capture a set of followers who would engage with your brand’s profile, ensure they have a clear idea regarding the products offered by your business. Hence, while looking for a new username, try blending your brand’s speciality to produce a name that actively catches the eye of interested people surfing through Instagram.

·         Make it unique

Uniqueness is one of the essential qualities your brand needs to possess when trying to capture a loyal customer base. Suppose your brand’s name is not unique compared to the other or instead has been a cheap copy of another brand’s name. In that case, it could heavily hamper your business marketing capability across the platform.

Moreover, you can easily make your brand’s name memorable if you can select a unique name that could get stuck inside the head of the customers by only looking at it for a single time.

·         Choose a name that would fit all the social media platforms.

Instagram is not the only platform where you can promote your business. There are other platforms where you also need to market your brand effectively because only through diversifying your social media channels can you reach your ultimate goal of many followers.

Furthermore, most social platforms nowadays are interconnected; hence before you go ahead and choose a name for your brand, ensure that some random people on the internet have yet to take it.

·         Make it easy to understand and spell

If the users on Instagram cannot understand your brand name properly, it is difficult for them to develop any interest in your product whatsoever. Avoid including complicated words or signs in your business username, as it would provide an unprofessional look that might not be suitable for achieving your company’s long-term goals. Moreover, sort out or check if there are any spelling mistakes because if the users who are seeing your brand for the first time come across such things, it would leave a wrong impression on them.


After reading this article, picking an Instagram username for your brand could be a piece of cake. Most people need clarification regarding such activities while selecting a proper name for their brand. But, hopefully, everything is more transparent for you to understand and decide on it.