Anonymous Instagram Stories

You may accomplish a lot on Instagram, and you can easily pass the time of day by scrolling nonstop. Although keeping in touch with the people in your life through social media, such as Instagram, can be enjoyable, you should always exercise caution online. You probably already know not to share sensitive information on Instagram, such as your home address, Social Security number, or phone number, but that’s only the start of being secure.

Many Instagram users spend a lot of time scrolling and watching videos. Still, some also worry about the security of the personally identifiable information submitted, such as posts, photographs, and stories. Utilizing a false or anonymous Instagram account will help you solve your issue. Many individuals use these fictitious identities to shield their privacy.

How to create anonymous Instagram stories

  1. Creating a separate Instagram account: To stay anonymous, an individual can create a separate one. The steps below need to be followed:  
  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Select your profile photo by clicking on it in the lower right corner.
  • To access the “Settings” menu, tap the three-line symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Select the “Add Account” option by swiping it down.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose “Create New Account.”
  • Enter a username that does not have your name or other personal information. If you need help to think of something smart right away, you can always tweak it afterward.
  • Make up a bogus email and phone number to use as your contact details. The data from your real account will be sent to Instagram automatically.
  • Your new account should not connect to any other social media. Anyone accessing your Facebook account may then discover your Instagram account.
  • You can upload a profile picture if you like but use caution. You should refrain from using a photo from your Instagram account since a reverse image search can reveal who you are.
  1. Using a pseudonym: If you publish pictures of your actual self or any other pictures that your followers will identify as being linked to you if you use a username and name that you don’t use in real life, if you don’t use your real location, and more.

Risks and considerations of anonymous Instagram stories

  1. Privacy concerns: You can never tell if a post will become popular. If your kid or adolescent shares potentially humiliating material, it can get out before they can take it down. They could even get unwelcome online fame. By default, Instagram postings are publicly viewable, and an account’s visibility choices apply to all posts. In other words, you cannot set the privacy of some but not all of your postings. Your youngster could expose themselves to embarrassment to garner the most likes. People have posted humiliating pictures and videos of themselves from their younger selves online without thinking that they could later regret doing so.
  2. Cyberbullying: Some cyberbullies establish new Instagram profiles to humiliate their victims publicly. Here, they could divulge the victims’ secrets, embarrassing images, or cruel remarks about them. In addition to this and direct harassment, there is a particularly harmful version of it called doxing, in which the abuser discovers and exposes the personal details of a victim for all to see, frequently inspiring crowds of random people to harass the victim or contact their employer.


An object or person whose name is unknown or not disclosed is considered anonymous. Accounts linked to no personal information, like an email address or cellphone number, are called anonymous accounts, much like an anonymous Instagram account. These accounts are created using a burner number or a bogus email address and lack any information about their owners. Most anonymous accounts are private, meaning that information about the account owner, such as name, email address, or profile picture, is not available to the public. Viewing the username of a mostly phony anonymous Instagram account is possible. Therefore, it is hard to learn anything about a private Instagram account.