Monitor Your Teen's Instagram Activity

Snoopreport is the number one parental control app for Instagram. See what kids and teens like on Instagram, who they follow, when they're active, and more.

Insta stalk Can You See What Someone Likes on Instagram? Insta stalk Can You See What Someone Likes on Instagram?
Keep Kids Safe on Instagram
Social media is an adult's playground, yet children and teens are being increasingly introduced to sites like Instagram. In a place where anyone can be anyone, it's now more important than ever to know what your children are doing online and who (and what) they're engaging with.
Validate Your Gut Instinct
Parents know to follow their gut, even when their kids aren't talking. Easily track kids' social media activity when your parent radar says something's up.
Get the Only Instagram Parental Control for iPhone
SnoopReport is the only solution to see kids' activity on Instagram if they use an iPhone. Other Instagram parental control apps don't work on iPhone, but SnoopReport gives you unfettered access to important Instagram activities you deserve to know about.
Snoop Without Getting Caught
You don't have to risk going through your kids' phones or gaining unauthorized access to their social media accounts. SnoopReport works quietly in the background and shows you publicly available data in a neat and tidy report. Snoop freely!


It All Starts with a Like.

SnoopReport for Parents

Kids and teens are vulnerable. They face constant pressures from school, sports, friends, responsibilities, and their futures. That's why the value of a Like on Instagram cannot be overstated.
For many young users, a Like is a symbol of acceptance. It shows someone sees and hears them, even if that person has the wrong intentions.
That one Like can quickly turn into more. It can ignite conversations, both publicly and in the DMs. And those DMs can often include inappropriate pictures from both participants. All it takes is just one leaked photo to get into the wrong hands and devastate your child's life.
SnoopReport gives parents greater peace of mind when their kids are using Instagram. See who your kids are talking to on Instagram, what content they're liking, and even when they're most active on IG. It's the best social media parental control for Instagram, and you can access it from your own device.

SnoopReport for Parents

Monitor kid's social media activity like never before. SnoopReport compiles data from the Instagram accounts of your choice into reports so you can track what your teens are doing on Instagram. Know who they're messaging and who is messaging them. See who they follow and who's following them back. Know early on about potentially dangerous relationships or interactions so you can take the next best step.
There's no app to download and no clunky interface to master. Get weekly reports with all the insights delivered to your inbox. Instagram can be a parent's worst nightmare — SnoopReport will be your new best friend!

55,000+ SnoopReport Users are Tracking Teens Instagram Activity

Parents everywhere are using SnoopReport to keep their teens safe on Instagram. We're trusted by some of the world's leading brands and marketers, as well as individuals like you who want a better way to snoop. We deliver reliable, comprehensive reports on publicly available Instagram data that would otherwise be difficult to collect without our technology. As kids and teens get older, they become less likely to share essential details of their lives with their parents. When it comes to Instagram, some of their activities could put them in harm's way. Monitoring teens' Instagram activity can help you to put your mind at ease and know whether your teens are making good decisions about the content they share and engage with.


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How SnoopReport Works

Here's a peek inside the number one Instagram activity tracker for parents.

Snoopreport is an Instagram tracker that enables you to snoop on any public Instagram profile
SnoopReport automatically collects data on the Instagram accounts you specify.
Just choose your Instagram accounts and SnoopReport will do the rest. Our technology automatically combs public Instagram accounts for ethical snooping. We'll never need access to your Instagram account or your teen's IG account. We do not hack accounts and we do not collect data that isn't readily available to the public eye. The difference is that we streamline this process compared to checking a person's Instagram activities manually.
Snoopreport's Instagram activity tracker continuously monitors the selected Instagram profiles
                        and automatically produces weekly or monthly reports for each.

SnoopReport is the only way to see what kids and teens like on Instagram via iPhone.

Many parents install parental control apps on their kids' Android phones. These act like a form of spyware because they record every action and conversation. But this approach is impossible on an iPhone. Apple doesn't allow third-party apps to access other apps' data. If your kids are using an iPhone, only a third-party solution like SnoopReport can see what kids and teens like on Instagram. What's more, your kids will never know you know what they're doing. There's no need to invade their privacy, check their phone, or gain access to their critical data. We keep it clean!
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It's Easy to Track Kids and Teens Instagram Activity!

In this day and age, you can never be too careful. Kids and teens need to learn how to use social media safely, and the best way to help them learn is by knowing what they're doing. Use SnoopReport to gain valuable teaching opportunities. Have the hard conversations about internet safety and being wary of strangers with data to back it up.

Seeing who your teens like and follow on Instagram, the photos they like and share, what they post, when they're using Instagram, and who they're messaging can be very revealing. See whether they're making good decisions and whether they're mature enough to use Instagram without you snooping behind them.

Monitor Kids and Teens Instagram Activity with SnoopReport

SnoopReport is the easiest and most discreet way to see what your teens are doing on Instagram. They'll never know you're watching — you don't even have to follow them on Instagram! Monitor your teen's Instagram activity the easy way — start snooping today!