How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram in 2022

Snoopreport lets you check anyone's Instagram activity.
Get data-driven insight into what someone likes on Instagram in 2022!

Insta stalk How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram Insta stalk How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram
Discover more of your friends' interests
From hobbies to brands, Snoopreport tracks what your favorite people like on Instagram. It's a great tool to find that perfect gift for someone or get to know them on a deeper level!
Turn your trust issues into facts and logic
Trying to peep on your partner? Want to see if your Tinder date is who they claim to be? Stop stalking and snooping through their device and take the discreet path with Snoopreport. See who your loved one follows and what they like on IG.
Get the inside scoop on your favorite celebrities
Instagram gives you an insider's peek into the lives of the rich and famous. See what your favorite celebrities are liking and who they follow on Instagram.
Keep your kids closer
Protect your teens by ensuring they're not engaging with harmful content. Snoopreport is the easiest way to see what someone likes on Instagram in 2022 — and they'll never know you're checking up on them.


Snoopreport for Individuals

Snoopreport for Professionals

Our Instagram tracker gives you insight into the lives of those you care about. Learn what your friends, teenagers, boyfriends, girlfriends, or favorite celebrities like and follow on IG. Snoopreport tracks public Instagram accounts and compiles rich insights into neat and tidy reports. Grab insights on other Instagram users up to 36 weeks old, with deeper retrospective reports available on request.
There's no app to download, and no messy interface to manage. Just sign up and choose the accounts you want to track — it's that easy!

Snoopreport for Professionals

Perfect for Instagram marketers, Snoopreport gives you deeper insights into your followers, influencers, and competitors. Track engagement on other Instagram accounts and learn more about what your audience likes. Discover competitors in your niche by seeing who else your audience likes and follows. Get comprehensive reports on Instagram activity to maximize your IG marketing campaigns and supercharge your success!

55,000+ Snoopreport Users and Growing!

Discover how to see what someone likes on Instagram in 2022 and beyond! Snoopreport is the only legit Instagram activity tracker. Thousands of users around the world trust us to provide accurate and reliable insights to see what someone likes and who they follow on Instagram.
Snoopreport is your best source for Instagram user behaviors, offering benefits to individuals and professionals alike. We're helping brands build a stronger Instagram presence by seeing firsthand what their audience is interested in. We give peace of mind to parents who want to stay connected to their kids online. And we're helping individuals get to know other users by seeing what and who they're engaging with on IG.
Get actionable data that you can put to work right away — no data mining necessary! Try Snoopreport today and turn Instagram into a powerful internet research tool


Get Snoopreport for free! We've made Snoopreport available to data science students and researchers.
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How Snoopreport Works

Snoopreport is an Instagram tracker that enables you to snoop on any public Instagram profile
Snoopreport automates data collection from public Instagram accounts — no black hats here.
Snoopreport is 100% ethical and legitimate. We care about privacy as much as you do, which is why we only tap into data on public accounts. We deploy Big Data technology to track the accounts of your choice to compile the insights, saving you valuable man-hours and frustration. We never need to access your IG account or anyone else's account, for that matter. Once you tell Snoopreport the accounts you want to track, you're done!
Snoopreport's Instagram activity tracker continuously monitors the selected Instagram profiles
                        and automatically produces weekly or monthly reports for each.

Check your reports to see what someone likes on Instagram.

Get an organized, eye-catching report of the photos and videos someone likes on Instagram and who they follow. View activity on a weekly or monthly basis, including:

  • Likes and follows by a specific person
  • The number of new followers on an account,
  • The number of photos and videos they liked
  • An account's most liked hashtags
  • Complete list of liked posts
  • Data of last Instagram activity
  • Likes and follows in a specific time period
Our reports are easy to read and don't require a degree in data science to understand. All of the insights are spelled out for you so you can take that data and run with it!
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Take the Easy Way to See What Someone Likes on Instagram in 2022

Snoopreport is the ultimate Instagram activity tracking tool that delivers instant, reliable results. No matter what you hope to gain by snooping on Instagram — getting to know someone better, spying on your competitors, or learning more about your target audience — it's never been easier to secretly track activity.

Because let's face it — anyone can be anyone online. But tracking a person's likes, follows, and engagement over time can help you get a clearer picture of who they are. That's what makes Snoopreport one-of-a-kind — no other tool can offer what we do.

Start Tracking with Our Instagram User Activity Tracker!

Getting started with Instagram activity tracking is fast and easy. We'll have you up and running in seconds — just sign up and start adding the Instagram user names you want to track. We'll take it from there.