Increase Your Instagram Likes – 11 Tips

Is there anything better than checking your Instagram and seeing a cascade of new likes on your posts? If you’re an influencer or a marketer, those likes can mean more money in your pocket. Even if you’re not monetizing your Instagram, likes are validating and they give you a sense of community and support.

Whatever the reason you want more likes this year, it takes strategy and planning to hit your goals. Follow these essential steps and tips for getting more Instagram likes in 2022.

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Table of Contents:

1.   Identify Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience is critical in any mission of public messaging, including marketing, public relations, and yes, Instagram posting. One of the most common mistakes content creators make is trying to appeal to everyone because they think it will give them more potential. The truth is that there’s no content that appeals to everyone, so if you’re trying to be broad enough to target everyone, you’re actually targeting no one.

Decide who you want to target with your content. That could include people within a certain age range, those in a particular city, those with a certain interest, and so on.

2.   Learn About Your Target Audience

Once you’ve decided who your target audience is, it’s time to dig into some research and find out what appeals to them on Instagram. One of the most effective ways to do this is with Snoopreport.

Snoopreport is an Instagram activity tracker you can use to get a glimpse into any Instagram account’s activity. In particular, it gives you a weekly report that includes the posts the person has liked, the users whose posts the person has liked most often, the top hashtags in the posts they’ve liked, new accounts they’ve followed, and their top interests based on the content they’ve liked.

You can use Snoopreport to track any public Instagram account. If you set it up to track certain accounts that fall into your target audience, you can see what content they’re most interested in and create your own content that appeals to them.

3.   Launch a Giveaway

If you want people to do something, make it benefit them. You can put that principle to work with an Instagram giveaway.

Publish a post about a product or service you’re giving away and grant a drawing entry to every person who follows you and likes the post. Not only will you get tons of likes on this post but you’re likely to gain new followers. Your account will gain even more visibility because the engagement on your post will give it better placement in people’s newsfeeds due to Instagram’s algorithm. In essence, that one post sets off a domino effect that gains you more followers and more likes from those followers on future posts.

General report on Instagram user’s activity

4.   Link Up with Other Creators

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work! Striking up collaborations with other content creators can be an exceptional way to gain likes for both of you. When you create posts together, with each of you posting it and tagging the other, you’ll each get in front of the other’s audience. Because the post involves someone that these audiences already follow and enjoy, the audience is more likely to follow and like your content too.

5.   Interact and Engage

Instagram isn’t a one-way venue where you post content and people like it. Interacting and engaging with your audience goes a long way toward getting more likes on your posts for multiple reasons.

First, people are more likely to engage with your posts if you engage with theirs because they feel more of a mutual connection. You’ve paid them the respect of being an engaged audience member so they’re willing to do the same.

Second, Instagram’s newsfeed algorithm prioritizes showing people posts from accounts that they interact with often because it perceives that they’re close to these people. So, if you interact with certain followers, your posts will be more likely to appear on their newsfeeds.

6.   See What Competitors Are Doing

Have you ever looked at the massive number of likes another content creator has received and thought, “What’s so special about them? What are they doing that I’m missing?” Now is the time to find out.

Take a close look at their content, especially the posts that get the most likes. Look for patterns among these successful posts, like the type of content, the message, and the aesthetics.

Another strategy for competitor research is using Snoopreport. Just as you can use this Instagram follower tracker tool to learn about your followers, you can use it to track competitors. Take a look at their audience engagement strategy – who they’re following, whose posts they’re liking, and so on.

7.   Seize Opportunities to Tag Popular Accounts

In the same way that striking up a collaboration with another content creator will get you in front of their audience, tagging a popular account can get you in front of that account’s audience too, even if there isn’t an established collaboration.

For example, if you go to an artist’s concert, tag them in your post. Or, tag a celebrity in a post about something that reminded you of them. That tag could land your post on their followers’ newsfeeds, garnering tons of new likes and potentially new followers if they like what they see. A word of caution, though: the posts have to be relevant and genuinely associated with the account you’re tagging. Don’t stoop to spam tagging celebrities for visibility.

8.   Compare Your Past Posts’ Performance

Remember the tip about finding the most successful posts from your competitors and looking for patterns and elements they had in common? You can do the same thing for your own posts too.

Take a look at the posts that have pulled the most likes and try to find commonalities among them, even if they’re just broad topics that several of these posts have in common. This tells you what types of posts appeal most to your audience so you can lean in that direction in the future.

Beware of getting stuck in a hole, though. If your posts do well when you publish quotes, that’s great, but you can’t exclusively publish quotes because your audience will get bored. You still need variety, but you can be strategic.

How to see what someone likes on Instagram?

9.   Conduct Hashtag Research

Including popular hashtags in your posts is a fantastic way to have your content noticed. To put this strategy into action, though, you need to do some digging to find those top hashtags.

One option is to use Snoopreport to find the hashtags that are most common in the posts that your audience members are liking. This is a particularly targeted approach because you’re not just using thriving hashtags, you’re using hashtags that are popular among your specific audience.

Another strategy is to go to the Instagram Explore page to see what’s trending and check the hashtags on those posts. There are specialized tools for finding trending Instagram hashtags too, like TalkWalker and SuperMetrics, though they do have fees.

10. Choose Your Timing Wisely

Instagram’s algorithm shows people posts on their newsfeeds based on relevance and interest rather than using a simple timeline. The algorithm does give higher priority to new posts, though.

This means that your posts will get more visibility and therefore more likes if you’re posting them during or slightly before your followers are online. If you have a professional Instagram account, this is easy: you have an Insights tab where it shows you the days and times when your followers are most often online. Plan your posting so you’re publishing during or just before those times.

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram?

11. Post Conversation Starters

On Instagram, engagement begets engagement. The more likes, comments, and shares a post has, the higher it will appear in other users’ newsfeeds, which means more visibility and more engagement. How do you get that initial engagement? You post a conversation starter.

Post a question, an “unpopular opinion,” or something else that sparks conversation. As users comment and respond, your visibility goes up and the likes will start pouring in. There’s a good chance that a boost in visibility will pull in new followers too, leading to more likes on future posts.

Getting Started with Your Top Tool for Instagram Likes: Snoopreport

Snoopreport is one of the most versatile tools for growing your Instagram likes and post engagement. Best of all, it’s an incredibly easy tool to use. Just sign up for an account, choose your subscription starting at under $5 per month depending on the number of Instagram accounts you want to track, and input the names of the accounts you want to track. From there, you’ll start getting weekly reports with all the stats and insights you need to start sending your Instagram likes through the roof. Sign up for Snoopreport today to get started.

Is There an Instagram Tracker Tool for Likes and Follows?

If you’re trying to use Instagram to get to know someone better, you might be sorely disappointed. Sure, you can learn a lot from a person’s Instagram posts, but you can also learn a lot from their other activity – what posts they like, for example, and what accounts they’ve recently followed. That information isn’t as easy to find as you might hope, though.

What does Instagram tell you about likes and follows and what is it missing? Is there an Instagram tracker that fills in those missing pieces?

@melisshess’s activity report summary

What Does Instagram Lack for Tracking Likes and Follows?

It’s important to remember that Instagram is a for-profit app. In fact, it makes about $20 billion per year. To allow them to make money selling advertising using their direct data, they keep a lot of data hidden behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at the key information about likes and follows that you won’t find on Instagram.


Anonymous Instagram Viewer: How to See IG Posts in Secret

Social media is known throughout the world as one of the most revealing ways to get to know someone. The truth is, though, that some social media platforms aren’t as candid and open as we’d like them to be…namely, Instagram.

While there are some helpful details you can learn about a person from their Instagram profile, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, there’s a lot that remains hidden. Or worse, there are some types of activity that you can see on Instagram but the users can see that you’ve been looking at their content.

Fortunately, there are solutions designed for frustrated IG users like you. Let’s take a closer look at the information Instagram hides and how a secrete Instagram viewer can get around it.

What Instagram Activity Can You See Anonymously?

Let’s start with the good news: the types of Instagram activity you can view without the user knowing that you’ve seen it. In most cases, you’ll be able to anonymously see:

  • The user’s profile
  • Posts the user has published
  • Posts that other people have published in which they’ve tagged your “person of interest”
  • The user’s followers
  • Who the user follows

Of course, this is all assuming that the person has a public profile. If the user’s profile is private, all the information above is hidden unless you request to follow them and they approve your request.

What Activity Doesn’t Instagram Let You See Anonymously?

Now let’s move onto the bad news: the types of activity that Instagram hides or that you can only view if the user sees that you’re viewing it. There are three particular types of activity you’ll miss out on:

  • Stories — You can view any public user’s Instagram stories, but they can see that you’ve viewed them. This is an aspect of Instagram that’s unique to stories, and to many, it feels like an invasion of privacy to expose your viewing to the user who posted the story.
  • Post likes — Technically, the posts that a user likes are public information. If you click on a random post on your newsfeed, you can see a list of the users who have liked it. But Instagram doesn’t compile this for individual users. In other words, if you’re checking up on someone on Instagram, there’s nowhere you can go to see a list or board of the posts they’ve liked.
  • Follow activity — This is another unique situation. If you go to a public user’s profile, you can see a list of everyone they follow and everyone who follows them. You can’t, however, see when they began following each person.

Why Might You Want to Secretly See Someone’s Instagram Posts and Activity?

After looking at all the types of Instagram activity you can and cannot see anonymously, we come to the obvious question: why? Why might you want to see a person’s stories anonymously, see what posts they’ve liked or interacted with, and so on?

There are plenty of reasons for this. First, you might want to keep tabs on someone without allowing them to know that you’re keeping your eye out. For example, they might be an ex, an old friend, or someone else that you’ve lost touch with even though you still want to know what’s going on in their life.

Second, parents often want to keep an eye on their kids and teens who are using Instagram. They want to make sure that their kids aren’t posting or interacting online in age-inappropriate ways, but they know that if their kids know they’re watching, they’ll find ways to sneak around instead.

Third, many people in relationships want to know what their significant others are doing online and who they’re interacting with. This can help you feel more trusting of your significant other (or find out whether you can trust them).

Why Might a Business or Influencer Want to See Someone’s Instagram Activity Secretly?

When you think about using an Instagram stories viewer or checking up on Instagram activity, most people assume it’s used for personal reasons. That’s common, but businesses and influencers often want to use this information too.

Getting the inside scoop on a user’s Instagram activity allows marketers and influencers to learn more about members of their target audience. They can learn more about the way their target audience uses Instagram and what types of content they’re interested in. All this adds up to make it easier for influencers and businesses to appeal to their audience and create content that attracts the right users.

How Can You Start Viewing Secret Instagram Activity Anonymously?

Knowing what you can do with secretive Instagram information and how much information you’re missing out on, the natural next question is: how can you get the information that’s missing? You’re in luck because there are tools built for exactly this purpose.

In particular, SnoopReport is designed to give you an inside peek into users’ Instagram activity. For each Instagram account you choose to watch, SnoopReport shows you:

  • Posts the user has liked
  • Which accounts’ posts the user has liked most often
  • New accounts the user has followed and the date and time when they began following them
  • Hashtags that appear frequently in the posts the user likes
  • The user’s interests, based on the topics that they seem to interact with most

The best part of SnoopReport is that it’s entirely anonymous. You can receive all the data above about any Instagram user with a public account, all without following them, and they are not notified that you’re viewing their activity.


A great experience in Instagram users research performed by Publicis Media

Instagram analytics

Instagram became a great platform for businesses to promote their products and services, interact with their target audience. It’s also a great source of data for social media analytics.   

Social media analytics is the process of the collection of the unstructured social media data and classification it in structured social insights to apply them to the marketing strategy.

The use of Instagram for analytics and monitoring is constantly increasing. Monitoring tools offer different ways of tracking Instagram data: tracking your brand mentions, follower growth, interactions, measuring Instagram campaigns, hashtag performance, managing your Instagram activity. In most cases they analyze how other users interact with your Instagram account.