Instagram Without Account

Instagram Without Account

From the typical mentality of Googling everything, the world is now shifting to Instagram for specific needs. You get posts related to information, entertainment, tutorials, education, acknowledgment, and more here. Are you actually missing the fun if you don’t have an account on Instagram? What to do if you don’t hold an account on Instagram? The simple question remains unanswered: Is it possible that you can use Instagram without having an account?

Possible or Impossible

Shocked by the announcement that it is easy to use Instagram without an account! Of course, the work of technology provides us with a loophole in everything. Here are the steps that you simply need to follow to view stories, posts, videos, reels, etc., on Instagram without having an account:

  • Open your browser. You can choose any browser- from Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Now type the official Instagram website URL there.
  • Add the account holder’s username whose story, posts, reel, or videos you wish to visit.

Note: Knowing the profile name is compulsory if you want to watch something specifically. It is also necessary that the profile you wish to visit is public. You cannot visit a private profile unless you have an account and follow them.

Wrapping up

You are all set to visit an Instagram account without actually having an account there. Keep enjoying the new videos, posts, or stories you browse every time.