Instagram Tools for Business

Instagram has become a hub of business accounts, and many marketers consider the platform one of the best for digital marketing. The platform currently has more than 200 million business accounts, and an immense user base of more than a billion makes it the fourth most used platform on the planet. Instagram offers some valuable tools for marketers that can make the job easier and increase productivity. 


Knowing the target audience is imperative for any business, and Snoopreport helps you with that. It lets the marketer keep track of the activity of Instagram users and know whom they follow, what they like, and many more. 

The tool helps marketers or users know more about their interests and accordingly shows them the products or services. Users can also keep track of their child’s activity and check which photos are liked by them.

It also helps to select a gift or surprise for a user by tracking their liked photos. Getting into the Instagram activity of celebrities also is a minor deal. Snoopreport is a beautiful tool with a lot of benefits, and it is recommended that every marketer should use it to flourish their growth.

Business profiles

There are two types of profiles on Instagram, personal and business. For marketers, creating a business profile is a no-brainer. The business profile includes some additional features that make it more professional. 

A marketer can add their industry, address, and contact button in a business profile. This feature lets the users know more about the business and contact them without hassle. 

The marketer also gets the feature of analytics, which is unavailable in a personal profile. With analytics, users can know the reach, interaction, and impression of their account and content. It helps them to inspect their marketing strategy.

Call to action button. 

It is another helpful feature in the list of Instagram business tools. This button appears on the business profile and can be very useful for a business, as this helps the users to take the product or service rendered by the industry directly.

The profile manager can add this button from the edit profile section. The marketer can add actions that seem more sensible as per the business. Some options are call, reserve, get tickets, and others. Make sure to make the most out of this feature, as it will increase the revenue or the reach of the business.

Instagram Insights

Instagram insights are arguably the best feature to strategize and replan the content for better reach. It helps the marketer to know what works and what does not. As the name suggests, it gives insights into the profile of followers and many more. 

It lets the marketer know the sex ratio of their followers and which gender is more interested in the product or service. It will also tell the locality of the followers, which day of the week they engage the most, and at what time. The user can post the content during the highest interaction, as it will propel the reach further.

Using these business tools on Instagram can take your brand to another level. All these features will help to strategize their content and inform the users about their product to get the most out of the platform.