Insta Stalk

How to Know if Someone is Stalking You on Instagram?

You are constantly in the public eye when you are on social media. If you wish to do business online or become an influencer, success comes at the cost of people interfering in your life. You should know the difference between interacting with your content and stalking. Do you feel that someone is up to Insta stalk on your profile? Here, we discuss some steps to know suspicious activities on your account.

Ways to discover Instagram stalkers

Below are some ways through which you can discover your Instagram stalkers.

  1. Check the interactions on your Instagram profile

The first and easiest way is to check your profile interaction. Just click the heart icon in the top right of the app. You can see who likes, comments, or follows your Instagram posts here.

You need to see who viewed your Instagram posts or stories here. However, if someone you suspect likes or comments on your Instagram photos or stories, it strongly indicates that they are stalking you. 

  1. Focus on the audience of your story

Another way to find out who stalks Instagram is to see who viewed your story. Just open a story and click on the audience in the bottom left. Now you can see all the users who have viewed your story.

If you see strangers browsing your stories regularly without following you, this is a vital sign of stalking. Instagram shows your stories first to the most relevant users, like your closest friends and the people you interact with most often. If you open the viewer list immediately after publishing your story, your viewers will get sorted chronologically. However, once your Instagram Story reaches a certain number of viewers, the ranking algorithm changes. Then, people involved with your story or post tend to rank first, with the least active moving to the bottom of the list. If you regularly see the suspicious account at the top of the viewers, they can be a stalker.

  1. See who follows you on Instagram.

Another thing you should do is analyze your Instagram follower list more thoroughly. To do this, tap your profile picture at the bottom from the corner of the screen, and then tap your follower number. You can see all your Instagram followers here. If you find someone you do not know, open that user’s account and check it out. Here are some signs of fake accounts:

• Little or no user activity.

• Users do not have photos or other information to identify them personally.

We advise removing fake accounts from your followers list as they pose a threat in the future. 

How to catch the stalker?

Instagram Stories are the only way to know who stalks your content. Instagram Analytics tells professional account owners how many people have viewed it, but it does not reveal which accounts are viewing your posts. So we have come up with a workaround to defeat stalkers.

When you post an Instagram story, you can hide it from others. This situation differs from the close friends list, which alerts the user that it is shared with a specific person. If you think someone is following your content, post a story and hide it from others on your list.

Before posting your story, go to your Instagram Story settings and select the hidden story before option. Please select all that are not eligible. It keeps the stalkers from realizing they are the only ones who can see the story. Not only do you know you have viewed them, but with Instagram analytics, you can see that your views are increasing with each visit. If they watch the story repeatedly, it indicates that they are stalking you. 

Final Takeaway

We have discussed the best ways to know if someone is up to Insta stalk. If you suspect someone, it is better to block that account. They will no longer be able to see your content, interact with you, or cause any trouble.