How digital marketers should research fashion industry trends on social media

As Internet takes an integral part of the modern life, it’s a great place for businesses to display their products and services. For more solid presence they tend to create accounts in social networks so to engage their customers and attract the potential ones.

To be successful every brand needs a really effective marketing strategy of promotion. Of course, there is a simple way – just to pay for ads on all social media, buy services of the most expensive influencers, but it’s not 100% guaranteed that you will achieve your goals with such expenses.

The most useful advice here is to prepare for setting up your marketing campaigns and not to jump in feet first. Of course you can analyze some common points on social media – celebrities and influencers posts, popular and niche hashtags, the competitors ways of promotion and so on.

But why not to start with the monitoring of your customers preferences and behavior tendencies, your competitors growth strategies and raising new trends on Instagram? So then you can enrich your content and target the users you really need.

Let’s see how it works on one of the most used social network – Instagram.

As Instagram is all about high quality images and stylish photos, the content related to fashion, car, travel industries is the most engaging. So to define the trends of gaining popularity content, the smartest way is to monitor users on Instagram: what photos they like, what posts they comment, what new users they follow.


How to find right Instagram influencers for your brand

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media celebrities and opinion leaders to broadcast your brand name, products or services to a large audience. The difference between influencer marketing and conventional marketing is you pay/ hire /inspire influencers (opinion leaders) to spread the message. Influencer marketing falls into two subcategories which are social media marketing and content marketing. In social media networks like Instagram influencers are expected to make a content go viral and spread the word via their personal Instagram accounts. Most social media influencer campaign carries a content element, so either you create the content for the influencers or they are tasked with both creating and promoting the content.

Perfect example of influencers marketing post on Instagram

There are some common methods for carrying out an influencer marketing strategy; depending on the scope of campaign and budget, brands and agencies make use of search engines like google or specialized services to find influencers to connect with, this method requires individual searches and using a spreadsheet to keep track of the information of all likely influencers.


How we experienced the smartest way to find influencers on Instagram

Snoopreport is the Instagram monitoring service that tracks user actions as likes, comments and follows.

To start monitoring Instagram users you just need to add their usernames in your dashboard and buy a time package of 4, 26 or 52 weeks.

Snoopreport will provide you the results in weekly and monthly reports in PDF format and all user actions in CSV report that contains the data about users, their posts, links and other metrics useful for in-depth analytics.

In addition to the individual PDF and CSV reports Snoopreport also offers you group reports to apply for analysis of the user groups behavior.


Snoopreport for marketers and analysts: we let you use it for free!

Snoopreport keeps track of what users do on Instagram, what they like, comment and whom they follow. It’s the ultimate source of user insights.

Now you can study users behaviour on Instagram, their preferences, habits, research influencers e.t.c.

Snoopreport platform is the unique Instagram tool of it’s kind: Snoopreport monitors the user activity on Instagram as likes, comments and follows and provides it in handy weekly and monthly reports. You can sign up here: or check report examples here:

We provide an easy-to-use simple PDF report as well as CSV report with all user actions and fields like posts captions, hashtags and geotags, direct media URLs for possible image recognition.

Right from the box you will able to:

  • research user insights
  • research influencers
  • research competitors Instagram strategy
  • research actively involved users   
  • research customer trends  
  • research possible brand switchers  
  • and many more 

See Snoopreport use cases for professional analytics here and here

Primarily Snoopreport will be helpful for brands and bloggers, marketers and analysts. That’s why we are ready to offer you to use Snoopreport for free!


Why social media monitoring is important for your business

Nowadays you can find the presence of every company on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others changed the way business build their marketing strategy. Brands create their image, online reputation on social media: they reach millions of their customers with their messages and have an outlet for discussion and evaluation of the brand’s products and services.
Social media is the most successful element in digital marketing all over the world. Monitoring social media data gives you an opportunity to use the most of social media: track competitors strategy, listen to your customers, find influencers, and set your content marketing strategy.

First, what is social media monitoring?

Briefly, it’s the process of listening of what happens on social media. It includes all the user actions as likes, followings, discussions in comments about your company, your products, your competition – so anything. It’s a great opportunity to get what people think of your brand, what they like, what they think about your competition – what impact your marketing strategy has on social media.
Let’s finally find out why you should monitor social media.


What information you really need to set up Instagram analytics

Snoopreport is the Instagram monitoring service that tracks user actions as likes, comments and follows made by users on Instagram.

The service has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can add as many Instagram accounts for monitoring as you want. The user activity data is provided in weekly and monthly reports in PDF. To learn more about PDF report, read our article.

You can also download the report with all user actions chronographically and additional posts data in CSV for in-depth analytics.

That’s how CSV report looks like:

(click the image to enlarge)


What insights about Instagram users are extremely useful for your marketing

Snoopreport is the Instagram monitoring platform that tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows. Read more about Snoopreport.

The service has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can add as many Instagram accounts as you want. The user activity data is provided in weekly and monthly PDF reports that you can download from your dashboard.

PDF report and its parts

Pdf report contains likes, follows and comments made by the user you snoop on during a week or a month you’ve chosen.

Here what it looks like:


A great experience in Instagram users research performed by Publicis Media

Instagram analytics

Instagram became a great platform for businesses to promote their products and services, interact with their target audience. It’s also a great source of data for social media analytics.   

Social media analytics is the process of the collection of the unstructured social media data and classification it in structured social insights to apply them to the marketing strategy.

The use of Instagram for analytics and monitoring is constantly increasing. Monitoring tools offer different ways of tracking Instagram data: tracking your brand mentions, follower growth, interactions, measuring Instagram campaigns, hashtag performance, managing your Instagram activity. In most cases they analyze how other users interact with your Instagram account.


How you can grow your business using Snoopreport

It’s already a well-known fact that your Instagram account can be used not simply for posting pictures and videos and making new friends but additionally for marketing your blog or business.

Instagram is among the most popular social networks today. Everyday users post 55 million photos and earn 1 billion likes. Monitoring the user’s actions will give you a good opportunity to promote your company, build your marketing strategy and get to know all trends.

By using the new Instagram tracking platform Snoopreport, you will minimize your efforts of collecting the required user activity data on Instagram. 

To learn more about Snoopreport, click here.

Let’s find out how Snoopreport can be handy for your brand or blog.


All you should know about new Instagram monitoring tool Snoopreport

Instagram monitoring platform

Snoopreport is a new unique service for monitoring user activity on Instagram. It tracks all the user’s likes, comments and follows.

The use of Snoopreport is helpful foremost for the brands and blogs, marketers and analysts. They can get the information about their competitors, their growth and customers engagement strategies; their customers needs, preferences and habits; the influencers’ marketing strategies; new trends interesting for the target audience.

How it works

Snoopreport uses Instagram public API, Instagram special API requests, Instagram publicly accessible data (through WEB) to predict one’s user behaviour and then checks if the action was really made. The service performs nearly million requests and parses about million pages in order to collect data for the single report.