How to Use Instagram Story Viewer Tools: The Ultimate Guide

How to Use Instagram Story Viewer Tools

Instagram Stories can tell you a lot about a person — what they’ve been doing, what they’re interested in, where they’ve been spending their time, and so much more. When you see that multi-colored ring around someone’s profile picture, you know there’s something new to check out. But what if you don’t want to choose between watching someone’s Story and maintaining your privacy? That’s where an Instagram viewer comes in handy. Learn all about these popular tools and how to use them in our expert guide.

Snoopreport tool allows to go beyond anonymously viewing Instagram stories

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What Are Instagram Story Viewer Tools?

Simply put, an Instagram Story viewer tool is a tool like an app or site that lets you watch an IG Story anonymously. Normally, when you watch someone’s Story, Instagram notifies the poster that you watched it. This doesn’t happen with posts; only Stories.

There are many reasons you might not want someone to know that you watched their Story. First of all, it feels like a violation of privacy on the principle alone. Plenty of people don’t like the idea of Instagram reporting their views to someone else and prefer to stay anonymous.

Second, there may be social reasons you don’t want a poster to know you’re watching their Stories. Maybe they’ve posted information you want to know but you have a complicated hiStory with them and you worry that it will spark an awkward conversation or send the wrong message if they see that you watched their Story. An anonymous Story viewer lets you leave the drama behind.

Third, you might be looking for information about someone discreetly. You don’t have to be an Instastalker – you might just want to keep an eye on your significant other or your child. You might also be gathering insights for marketing purposes, such as studying people who fall into your target demographic to learn about their interests and hobbies.

Regardless of the reason, Instagram Story viewers can help you get the information you want without announcing it to the poster.

General report on the activity of the tracked user

How to Use Instagram Story Viewer Tools

If you’re new to Instagram Story viewer tools, the good news is that most of them are very easy to use. While the details may vary from one tool to the next, the basic steps are often the same.

1.    Choose a Story Viewer Tool

The first task is to choose which Story viewer tool you want to use. There are numerous options available, each with its own features and variations. Some are apps you install while others are sites you can open on any browser, and some are free while others require paid plans. Use caution and read user reviews to find tools you can trust, because some Story viewers don’t work and some could even be harmful to your devices or compromise your digital privacy.

2.    Find the Story Poster’s Profile

Once you’ve decided on a tool, you’ll need to know who posted the Story you want to watch. It’s best to search by their username – the phrase or words that appear at the top of their profile rather than the name that appears below their profile picture. You might also see it with an “@” at the beginning. There could be multiple profiles with the same name but there can only be one with their username, so this ensures that you’re reaching the right profile on your Story viewer.

3.    Search the Story Poster’s Profile

When you know the username for the profile you want to find, open your chosen IG Story viewer. Most of these platforms are very simple: just a basic search bar on the homepage. Type the username into that search bar and you should be able to find the profile you want. You’ll be able to see their profile just as it would appear on Instagram.

4.    Find and Watch the Story

Now that you’re on the right profile in your anonymous viewer tool, you can click to discreetly watch any Story you want without the poster’s knowledge. It’s that easy!

It’s important to note that some Story viewers have limits on the number of Stories you can view in a time period or the number of Stories you can view without a paid subscription.

Detailed follows report provided by Snoopreport

Most Popular Instagram Story Viewer Tools

As you’re looking for tools to watch an Instagram Story anonymously, you’ll notice that there are countless options available. Where do you even begin to decide which one to use? While it’s always important to read reviews and check out pricing, features, and other details, these are some of the top Instagram Story viewer tools you may try.


Smihub is about as simple and easy as it gets. It’s a website you can open on any browser with a search bar so you can find the profiles you’re looking for. You can also search for a hashtag if you’d like to see Stories that include a particular hashtag. As an added bonus, Smihub lets you download content from users’ Instagram profiles – something you can’t do on Instagram by default.


InstaStories has long been one of the most popular ways to view an Insta Story. It’s a free tool that anyone can use. In fact, you don’t even need an Instagram account. Much like Smihub, you just open the site on your browser, search for the poster’s profile, and click on their Stories to watch them anonymously.


StoriStalker is a tool that touts itself as an “Insta stalker” service, but you don’t have to be checking up on an ex for this tool to be helpful. You do need to sign up for an account to use this product, and while some information is free, other information requires you to pay for access.

How to Learn More from Instagram Anonymously

Viewing Stories anonymously can tell you a lot about a person without them knowing your every move, but this isn’t the only way to anonymously learn about a person on Instagram. Another tool you can add to your roster is Snoopreport.

Snoopreport allows you to track posts that a person has liked and accounts they are newly following, along with their top hashtags and topics of interest. It’s an exceptional way to learn what type of content interests someone and who they’re interacting with on Instagram, and you get all that information without the person’s knowledge.

If you’d like to see for yourself, follow these steps to use Snoopreport.

1.    Create a Snoopreport Account

Start by creating a Snoopreport account so you can keep track of the profiles you’re following and see your previous reports. To do so, just go to and click “Sign Up” in the top right corner.

2.    Choose Your Snoopreport Subscription Plan

Once you have your account registered, it’s time to choose your subscription plan. Snoopreport plans start at less than $5 per month, with higher-priced plans available depending on the number of accounts you want to track at any given time.

3.    Choose the Accounts You Want to Watch

Now that you have purchased your plan, you’ll be able to start tracking any public Instagram accounts you choose. On your dashboard, click “Add Account.” Type in the Instagram username for the profile you want to watch and click “Check.” If you see the correct profile appear, click “Add Account” next to it.

4.    Enjoy Your Weekly Reports

Your work is done! With your desired accounts added, you’ll start receiving a report each week for each of your selected accounts. That detailed report will show you all the posts they’ve liked over the past week, organize their liked posts based on the posters they interact with most often, and show you a variety of other data about their activity for the week.

How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

Important Facts and Tips About Instagram Story Viewer Tools

If you’re using an Instagram Story viewer for the first time, there are a few things you’ll want to know to make your experience smoother.

Public vs. Private Accounts

For most IG Story viewer tools, the only profiles you’ll be able to access to watch Stories are public profiles. A private Instagram profile is a profile that has its content (including Stories) blocked except for users who have requested to follow the profile and have been granted access by the profile owner. Those private profiles aren’t visible with most Instagram Story viewers.

Instagram Story Availability

If you’re new to Instagram, you may not realize that Instagram Stories are temporary – they are only visible for 24 hours. Instagram Story viewers do not extend that time, so if you know there is a Story you want to watch anonymously, you’ll want to choose a Story viewer tool and check it out promptly.

Limited Information

Instagram Story viewers are fantastic tools, but they’re still limited. They only show you what you would be able to see on the person’s Instagram profile normally, just with added anonymity. If you want more detailed information about a person, it’s best to pair an anonymous Story viewer with another tool like the Snoopreport Instagram activity tracker.

Using Tools to Learn About Someone on Instagram

Whether you’re trying to learn about someone for marketing or personal reasons, the right combination of tools will make all the difference. Use the guide above to take advantage of Instagram Story viewer tools and sign up for Snoopreport to get started.

Register on Snooperport and use Instagram activity tracker

Anonymous Instagram Viewer: How to See IG Posts in Secret

Social media is known throughout the world as one of the most revealing ways to get to know someone. The truth is, though, that some social media platforms aren’t as candid and open as we’d like them to be…namely, Instagram.

While there are some helpful details you can learn about a person from their Instagram profile, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, there’s a lot that remains hidden. Or worse, there are some types of activity that you can see on Instagram but the users can see that you’ve been looking at their content.

Fortunately, there are solutions designed for frustrated IG users like you. Let’s take a closer look at the information Instagram hides and how a secrete Instagram viewer can get around it.

What Instagram Activity Can You See Anonymously?

Let’s start with the good news: the types of Instagram activity you can view without the user knowing that you’ve seen it. In most cases, you’ll be able to anonymously see:

  • The user’s profile
  • Posts the user has published
  • Posts that other people have published in which they’ve tagged your “person of interest”
  • The user’s followers
  • Who the user follows

Of course, this is all assuming that the person has a public profile. If the user’s profile is private, all the information above is hidden unless you request to follow them and they approve your request.

What Activity Doesn’t Instagram Let You See Anonymously?

Now let’s move onto the bad news: the types of activity that Instagram hides or that you can only view if the user sees that you’re viewing it. There are three particular types of activity you’ll miss out on:

  • Stories — You can view any public user’s Instagram stories, but they can see that you’ve viewed them. This is an aspect of Instagram that’s unique to stories, and to many, it feels like an invasion of privacy to expose your viewing to the user who posted the story.
  • Post likes — Technically, the posts that a user likes are public information. If you click on a random post on your newsfeed, you can see a list of the users who have liked it. But Instagram doesn’t compile this for individual users. In other words, if you’re checking up on someone on Instagram, there’s nowhere you can go to see a list or board of the posts they’ve liked.
  • Follow activity — This is another unique situation. If you go to a public user’s profile, you can see a list of everyone they follow and everyone who follows them. You can’t, however, see when they began following each person.

Why Might You Want to Secretly See Someone’s Instagram Posts and Activity?

After looking at all the types of Instagram activity you can and cannot see anonymously, we come to the obvious question: why? Why might you want to see a person’s stories anonymously, see what posts they’ve liked or interacted with, and so on?

There are plenty of reasons for this. First, you might want to keep tabs on someone without allowing them to know that you’re keeping your eye out. For example, they might be an ex, an old friend, or someone else that you’ve lost touch with even though you still want to know what’s going on in their life.

Second, parents often want to keep an eye on their kids and teens who are using Instagram. They want to make sure that their kids aren’t posting or interacting online in age-inappropriate ways, but they know that if their kids know they’re watching, they’ll find ways to sneak around instead.

Third, many people in relationships want to know what their significant others are doing online and who they’re interacting with. This can help you feel more trusting of your significant other (or find out whether you can trust them).

Why Might a Business or Influencer Want to See Someone’s Instagram Activity Secretly?

When you think about using an Instagram stories viewer or checking up on Instagram activity, most people assume it’s used for personal reasons. That’s common, but businesses and influencers often want to use this information too.

Getting the inside scoop on a user’s Instagram activity allows marketers and influencers to learn more about members of their target audience. They can learn more about the way their target audience uses Instagram and what types of content they’re interested in. All this adds up to make it easier for influencers and businesses to appeal to their audience and create content that attracts the right users.

How Can You Start Viewing Secret Instagram Activity Anonymously?

Knowing what you can do with secretive Instagram information and how much information you’re missing out on, the natural next question is: how can you get the information that’s missing? You’re in luck because there are tools built for exactly this purpose.

In particular, SnoopReport is designed to give you an inside peek into users’ Instagram activity. For each Instagram account you choose to watch, SnoopReport shows you:

  • Posts the user has liked
  • Which accounts’ posts the user has liked most often
  • New accounts the user has followed and the date and time when they began following them
  • Hashtags that appear frequently in the posts the user likes
  • The user’s interests, based on the topics that they seem to interact with most

The best part of SnoopReport is that it’s entirely anonymous. You can receive all the data above about any Instagram user with a public account, all without following them, and they are not notified that you’re viewing their activity.


How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram

A person’s social media activity tells a lot about them – their interests, their friends, their dating life, you name it. It’s no surprise, then, that so many people turn to social media to get more insight into their significant others, friends, family members, and anyone else they’re trying to know a bit better.

Instagram, however, makes that difficult because they show very little information about other users’ activity, even users you’re following. What information are they missing and where can you find it?

What Activity Does Instagram Show You for Other Users?

In past years, Instagram had a “Following” tab on your “Activity” screen where it showed you the activity of those you were following, but it axed this tab in 2019. Since then, there are only small pieces of information readily available about your friends.

Who They’re Following

On the person’s profile, click on “following” at the top, where the profile shows the number of users this person is following. This brings you to the list of people they follow. Keep in mind that this page won’t show you when they started following these users, it just lists the users themselves.

Who Follows Them

Right next to that “following” number on the person’s profile, you’ll see “followers,” listing the number of followers they have. If you click it, you’ll go to a page that lists everyone who’s following them. As with the accounts they’re following, though, you can only see a broad list, not the dates when the users started following them.

Their Posts

The posts that a user publishes are easy to find on Instagram: simply go to their profile and scroll down. You can see who liked their posts, but you can’t see any of their activity on posts that other users have published.

Activity You Can’t See on Instagram

You might be able to see a user’s posts, their followers, and who they’re following, but that’s all Instagram shows and it’s quite limiting. You can’t see who the person has been interacting with, what posts they’ve liked, what type of trends they follow, or anything else that could give you valuable insight.

How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram

Instagram might not show you a user’s activity, but there’s an easy way to find it without trying to hack into their phone: Snoopreport. It shows you the posts your friend liked, the trends their activity follows, and more.

Check out this Instagram activity report for the user @mirimeo for example. You can see the individual posts she’s liked, as well as whose posts she’s liked the most in the past week. You can also see the users she recently followed and when she followed them, not to mention the most common hashtags and topics for the posts she’s liked.

Without even knowing @mirimeo, we can tell that she appears to be Italian, she’s probably involved in the entertainment industry, she’s interested in health and beauty, and she has a keen fascination with great photography and art.

Getting to Know Someone from their Instagram Activity

There are many reasons to want insight into a person’s Instagram activity, from getting to know a new person in your life to making sure your trust isn’t being betrayed. Snoopreport lets you do all this on the up and up. To learn more and start exploring for yourself, sign up for Snoopreport today.

Here’s How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram In 2021

Keeping track of the Instagram activity of your friends, followers and significant others on Instagram used to be fairly easy, thanks to the existence of the Instagram ‘following’ activity tab, which showed what those you follow had recently commented, liked and the other Instagram users that they themselves had recently followed.

However, with Instagram having removed the ‘following’ activity tab in 2019, this isn’t so easy any more. If you’re an influencer looking to get a closer look at what your followers are liking and sharing in order to cater for their interests more effectively, or perhaps just a nervous partner with some questions about their significant other’s social media activity, this no doubt came as a huge disappointment – and a massive inconvenience, too.

However, just because it’s not as easy to see the activity of those you’re following from the Instagram app itself, that’s not to say that you can’t do it at all. That’s where SnoopReport comes in!

Here’s how you can use SnoopReport to get a closer look at what your friends, family, partner and followers are really interacting with on Instagram.

Snoopreport website


5 ways to find out who your Insta Stalker is

Users on Instagram are always interested in other people’s lives so they constantly scroll posts in their feed, check other users profiles, watch strangers stories. They can even start stalking someone: it can be a celebrity or just a pretty person with beautiful photos and videos posted. Such users can even use Insta Stalker apps to learn more about the Instagram account, track his activity as e.g. see every photo someone likes on Instagram and always get quick updates on every post/action.

Have you ever thought that your acquaintance is searching on google “how to see what someone likes on instagram” to snoop on you? If you want to be aware of your possible stalkers on Instagram you can use tips below.