How to see what someone likes on Instagram

Instagram is a social network where users can post photos and videos to share with their followers and also gain popularity to start earning money on Instagram. Instagram becomes more popular and in 2019 it has already 1 billion monthly active users and this amount is continue to grow. That’s why there is a lot of information and guides on Internet how to use Instagram.

You can see +search requests on Internet and questions websites like Quora such as “how to see someone’s Instagram likes”. We collected all useful answers that will help you to see all the likes you need using Instagram app or third-party tools like Snoopreport.

How to see someone’s likes on Instagram

This question is one of the most popular and it can have several meanings. First let’s suppose the easiest one: the user wants to view the likes the other user got on Instagram. When every user creates a post on Instagram he is looking forward to collect the likes from his followers.

By checking an user profile you won’t be able to see all the likes he got but you see the likes to each post.

When using the Instagram app you should open an user profile, choose a post you want to check and see the number of likes under the picture or video. If you tap on “likes” you will get the list of users that put likes to this post.

The similar approach can be used with the web version of Instagram: open the website, look for the Instagram account, search for the post and click “likes”. You will get the list of users that liked the post in this way:

Likes on Snoopreport’s Instagram post


How to track Instagram user activity

If you’re an Instagram user, you know that when opening the Instagram app you always look through the posts and accounts of other users even if you don’t follow them. You can check what your friends and beloved ones posted. If you scroll your feed you can view photos celebrities and favourite brands liked etc. To see the actions of the users you follow  just tap “heart”, and then “following”.

But what if you want to search Instagram likes by user?

How to check someone’s likes on Instagram

If you enter a request such as “how to see a specific person’s activity on Instagram” on search engine you will actually get only a few useful results. The top result is to use Instagram feed in the app.

First you tap a “heart” icon, then choose “following” and look for the certain user’s activity among all your follows actions. This method is not quite reliable as Instagram algorithm limits the number of actions displayed. The search can also take much time and efforts and you still won’t be able to view all the activity.

Quite recently Instagram introduced a new feature – online activity status. It shows if the user is online and if not when he has logged in into app. The option became popular and many users like to check the activity status of other accounts. The online status could be very useful for bloggers and marketers for the audience’s activity periods research. But there are disadvantages that can make the feature useless. First is that every user can switch off the status and it won’t be available. The second one is that you should write a direct message to the user to get access to his online status. Thereby it’s impossible to track the activity status of tens or hundreds of users.

We would recommend to spy on someone’s Instagram activity without efforts and research the user’s periods of activity with Snoopreport tool.


Why you should buy Instagram likes

You’ve probably heard repeatedly that you shouldn’t buy Instagram likes because buying likes isn’t genuine or because you may come off as a fake.

However, despite those statements, buying Instagram likes can really impact your business and/or brand. Plus, there is one website that offers real likes from real people, which we’ll talk about down below.

First, if you’re not convinced, here is why you should buy Instagram likes.

1. People will find you more credible

If you were presented with two of the same picture from two different accounts, and one picture had ten likes while the other had fifty, which person would you be more likely to trust and follow?

Personally, I would follow the account with more likes. Why? Because the amount of likes, to me, says that this person has more followers, therefore is more trusted by others, which is why I’m more likely to trust it. Likes are like testimonials without all the words.

If you buy likes, and someone visits your account and sees all of those likes, they’re probably more like-ly to follow you because they can see that you’re legit. If you’re new to Instagram, this could boost your impression and credibility.


Is it ethical to stalk Instagram actions?

Social networks expose all the aspects of our lives in public: you share your important moments, post photos and videos, comment other users publications and so on. This way you get more friends and followers who are interested in your life. For example, on Instagram you post photos and videos that attract not only your real friends but also other users that start following your account. As people are curious by nature it’s obvious that some of them can look through your profile, follows and followers, track your actions as likes and comments (using Snoopreport e.g.) so they “stalk on Instagram” we can say.

Surely there is a way to hide your activity by making your profile private, delete all unknown users, even turn off your online status. But is it so necessary? Is it so bad when the user wants to snoop on your account? Let’s discuss it.


Tips to track Instagram activity and engagement strategy

Every Instagram user tries to enlarge the followers community to have more exposure on social network. There are popular Instagram accounts that have millions of followers and they are getting more daily. What methods do they use to grow their accounts? In our previous article, you can learn how to detect if the method used is organic or automated: first, you monitor someone’s Instagram activity within 2-3 weeks using Snoopreport, then check Instagram likes and follows and compare with the usual user behavior on Instagram.

Therefore, you shouldn’t apply many efforts to stalk someone’s activity on Instagram and research an user growth strategy. In addition, Snoopreport app gives an opportunity to see what someone likes on Instagram and to collect more data for in-depth analytics to make up a detailed report of user engagement and to prove the research results.


Instagram analytics and metrics every marketer needs

Snoopreport, innovative Instagram like and comment tracker, lets users monitor Instagram accounts and get useful metrics to research the growth and engagement strategy. The reports provided contain a brief summary of user activity, actions hitmap, liked media tags cloud, user interests. It means that you are able to define the hours and days of user activity and the topics that draw user attention at once.

There are a lot of questions and requests on different forums like “How to see every photo someone likes on Instagram” or “How to see someone’s like history on Instagram”.  This data isn’t available in Instagram app as Instagram feed can’t be filtered by a certain user’s activity. Snoopreport shares this information in the reports: likes and follows made by the tracked user with the posts photo snippets that link to Instagram.

Miley Cyrus Instagram account’s activity report


What content to post on Instagram: post types and tips

Instagram is a social network that is great for business and marketers as it lets post visual content able to cover the the huge number of people form the target audience in a short period of time. The visual content is the most reachable and engaging. The best way to market a service or a product is to share the right attractive content that will collect tons of likes so it will draw the right users.

The only question is what the content is the best to achieve this purpose? Actually there isn’t an exact answer as there are many content types that could work effectively in different campaigns for different Instagram accounts.


Guide to use Instagram hashtags in 2018

Instagram is the fast-growing social network that has already gained 1 billion users all over the world. Among the bunch of posts and videos posted each day it’s difficult to deliver the content to the right audience. That’s why it’s required to supplement each post with the right bunch of hashtags that will highlight your photos among others and let you gain more likes and followers.

Instagram users can create their own hashtags, follow them to get new content right in their feed, even “ignore” some of them. For Instagram business accounts hashtags are the powerful tool to grow their business on Instagram, attract potential customers and rival the competitors.


Useful tips to start earning on Instagram

If you’re new into Instagram business, the following questions can come to your mind: How does a new account goes from 0 to thousands of followers? How to keep comments and likes coming, keep people engaged?

One thing is for sure — it’s a lot of hard work. If you really want to become a “successful Instagrammer” and earn from every picture posted and shared, there are some useful tips to follow.


Instagram for business: a free business profile and user insights

Instagram is a social network that has about 700 million of users and it’s more popular than Twitter in two times now! Users spend about 30 minutes/a day on Instagram: they create posts with photos or videos, like and comment them, communicate in direct messages and watch other users stories.

What is Instagram for business today?

Instagram offers a great option for brands to create a business account – it means you get an Instagram account with a contact button, paid ad, free analytics of overall view of your Instagram posts, impressions, reach, and follower information, top of your posts, your followers data and more.

Instagram is already used by 25 million businesses (up from fifteen million in July, 2017). So you can see that Instagram is becoming more attractive place for business to stand out and display the products and services.

Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate higher in about 50 times than on Facebook and in 120 times than on Twitter.