Useful tips to start earning on Instagram

If you’re new into Instagram business, the following questions can come to your mind: How does a new account goes from 0 to thousands of followers? How to keep comments and likes coming, keep people engaged?

One thing is for sure — it’s a lot of hard work. If you really want to become a “successful Instagrammer” and earn from every picture posted and shared, there are some useful tips to follow.


Instagram for business: a free business profile and user insights

Instagram is a social network that has about 700 million of users and it’s more popular than Twitter in two times now! Users spend about 30 minutes/a day on Instagram: they create posts with photos or videos, like and comment them, communicate in direct messages and watch other users stories.

What is Instagram for business today?

Instagram offers a great option for brands to create a business account – it means you get an Instagram account with a contact button, paid ad, free analytics of overall view of your Instagram posts, impressions, reach, and follower information, top of your posts, your followers data and more.

Instagram is already used by 25 million businesses (up from fifteen million in July, 2017). So you can see that Instagram is becoming more attractive place for business to stand out and display the products and services.

Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate higher in about 50 times than on Facebook and in 120 times than on Twitter.


Instagram marketing guide: tips and tools to prepare your campaign

Instagram marketing takes a great part of every modern business growth strategy as Instagram is the perfect place for brands to expose the products and offers by creating a bright and attractive “digital showcase”: you just need to create posts connected by a unified theme quite regularly and engage other users. It sounds really good but usually it’s not enough for marketing.

Marketing on Instagram is not only a large number of posts and followers but the deep analytics of all factors that can influence your performance on Instagram (competitors, customers, influencers, results data). The complete and clear picture will help you to manage your customer-centric campaigns that should bring your target audience to your Instagram account and draw your followers to truly engage it: like your photos, comment them, make reposts, and create their own posts about your brand/product.

There is a great number of tips how you should monitor and analyze your competitors, track and engage your customers, find the perfect influencers, get conclusions of your marketing success or fail. Plus one of the most trending topics becomes the social media and Instagram tools that assist and facilitate your efforts.


Tips to use Instagram for your business

Instagram is one of the most fast-growing networks nowadays with 400 million daily active users. So it’s obvious that brands create their Instagram accounts to profit the benefits from the potential of Instagram. Using this platform business can achieve such goals as showcase the products and services, attract new customers, drive awareness of the brand, increase sales and website visitors, and much more..

But before you start using Instagram as a tool for your business, learn how to act to have successful presence.

Here’s our tips how to use Instagram in a smart way


How to Monitor Social Media the Right Way ?

Fancy the impressive business insights that you can receive from the social networks users by monitoring them and their activity. Isn’t it a perfect way to get the required statistics about your customers preferences and needs, competitors marketing strategy, new influencers and engagers?

You can appeal to this type of business intelligence when you realize the social media monitoring strategy for user’s tracking and analysis.
But what exactly does social media monitoring include?

So, it’s about monitoring all range of the user’s presence: posts, likes, follows, comments, shares. Social monitoring is also related to social listening that is about to track all the mentions of your brand online. All this data helps to understand social media more deeply and contributes to creating the best marketing strategies for your business.


Instagram analytics become easier

Snoopreport, well known and world’s only Instagram user tracking platform just made it easier to understand user activity report. We rolled out a brief description of user activity, liked media hashtags cloud, user interests cloud and actions hitmap. So you can determine the hours and days user most active at and user’s interests in seconds. This data is also applied for the group reports which makes those features even more valuable.

All this data is really unique as Instagram doesn’t allow you to filter your following feed to see a certain user activity. Snoopreport does: it provides likes and follows in the weekly and monthly reports with the posts photo snippets that link to Instagram.

Spy on Instagram account, track user likes on Instagram
Neymar Instagram account’s activity report


How to make a detailed analysis of an Instagram account’s growth strategy

If you’re using Instagram and you want to get more and more followers every day, you’re probably interested in how the popular accounts growth strategies work. We already described two main methods: organic and automated and shared the perfect way to define which one is used by a certain Instagram user: you need to monitor its activity within 2-3 weeks with Snoopreport and then compare the data with the common user behavior on Instagram. For more details, click here.

So as you can see it’s pretty easy to check if a person uses Instagram automation to grow the followers count. But the Snoopreport tool provides more in-depth metrics to prove the research results and get all details of the growth strategy applied.


How to determine if Instagram growth is organic or automated?

About three billion users worldwide have at least one account in any social network and the social media users number is growing every day. Let’s consider Instagram as an example: it’s already used by about 700 million of users among them there are famous brands and bloggers, movie stars, popular singers and models and, of course, individual users.  The most common reason to build a presence on Instagram is to gain more popularity and influence on Internet. This way there is a great chance to have an opportunity to make money by promoting multiple products and services, attracting more audience to your account, collaborating with influencers and more.


How digital marketers should research fashion industry trends on social media

As Internet takes an integral part of the modern life, it’s a great place for businesses to display their products and services. For more solid presence they tend to create accounts in social networks so to engage their customers and attract the potential ones.

To be successful every brand needs a really effective marketing strategy of promotion. Of course, there is a simple way – just to pay for ads on all social media, buy services of the most expensive influencers, but it’s not 100% guaranteed that you will achieve your goals with such expenses.

The most useful advice here is to prepare for setting up your marketing campaigns and not to jump in feet first. Of course you can analyze some common points on social media – celebrities and influencers posts, popular and niche hashtags, the competitors ways of promotion and so on.

But why not to start with the monitoring of your customers preferences and behavior tendencies, your competitors growth strategies and raising new trends on Instagram? So then you can enrich your content and target the users you really need.

Let’s see how it works on one of the most used social network – Instagram.

As Instagram is all about high quality images and stylish photos, the content related to fashion, car, travel industries is the most engaging. So to define the trends of gaining popularity content, the smartest way is to monitor users on Instagram: what photos they like, what posts they comment, what new users they follow.


How to find right Instagram influencers for your brand

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media celebrities and opinion leaders to broadcast your brand name, products or services to a large audience. The difference between influencer marketing and conventional marketing is you pay/ hire /inspire influencers (opinion leaders) to spread the message. Influencer marketing falls into two subcategories which are social media marketing and content marketing. In social media networks like Instagram influencers are expected to make a content go viral and spread the word via their personal Instagram accounts. Most social media influencer campaign carries a content element, so either you create the content for the influencers or they are tasked with both creating and promoting the content.

Perfect example of influencers marketing post on Instagram

There are some common methods for carrying out an influencer marketing strategy; depending on the scope of campaign and budget, brands and agencies make use of search engines like google or specialized services to find influencers to connect with, this method requires individual searches and using a spreadsheet to keep track of the information of all likely influencers.