Insta stalk apps and services

Instagram is a fast growing social network that gains new users everyday. The users like to check the app many times a day as they always can be aware of what other people do at this exact moment. You can see freely the posts and stories of the users you follow in your feed and what likes and follows they make in your following feed. 

But sometimes the users want to see the other profiles anonymously:

  • if they don’t follow the user they can not see his/her story
  • if they were blocked by another user on Instagram
  • if they don’t have an Instagram account and don’t want to create it

There can be different reasons to stalk Instagram account, e.g. if you seek “how to see what boyfriend likes on instagram” or “can i see what my girlfriend likes on instagram” or simply you are interested in the celebrities lives or other people you know.

Instagram doesn’t let you spy on accounts in the Instagram app anonymously. If you watch the story – the user will see your username in the list, if you want to see the user activity you should follow this user. But there is a solution is to use Insta stalk apps and services.

Kinds of stalk apps and services

There are many different apps that let you snoop users on Instagram. We can divide them in the following groups:

  1. The apps/services stalking Instagram user posts
  2. The apps/services stalking Instagram user stories
  3. The apps/services stalking Instagram user activity

If you want to use the service in your mobile or desktop with no app installation required, there are plenty of them that have web version and mobile-friendly design.

Plus you can find among them free and paid apps and services. But you should understand that free services have a limited functionality and don’t guarantee the high quality of the results.

Also there are services that ask your Instagram login and password. If you don’t want to share this information you should search the one that won’t ask your Instagram data especially if you don’t have any.

Stalking Instagram user posts

These apps let you see the posts of the Instagram users. However if you have an Instagram account you can view the posts of any public Instagram account by yourself. You just need to enter the username in the search field and you will get the user profile: the bio plus all the user’s posts.

If you don’t have an Instagram account but still want to check the user’s posts you can also do it with Instagram. You just need to enter the link in your browser where the required username is added. If the account is public you will see all the user’s posts in your browser.

Unfortunately these apps won’t show the private profiles, and if the service description promises to show private photos it will probably be the waste of your time and money.

Stalking Instagram stories

If you search how to see someones Instagram story, you will get many services in the search results with these feature. You can see the story of the public account in the app but the story owner will know about it. If you really want to stalk a story without being noticed, you can try one of these apps.

They can really show user’s stories even the old ones: some of them are free, some are paid. Some apps provide other functionalities in addition – stalking the posts, hashtags and so on. You can choose any of the apps but be careful with the ones that require your Instagram username and password.

Stalking Instagram activities

Finally a lot of users like to track instagram user activity: see user’s likes and follows.

Recently Instagram removed its Following Tab and the users lost the possibility to stalk user actions. But we recommend the Snoopreport tool that provides the handy reports with likes and follows made by the Instagram users.

Kim Kardashian’s activity report

The monitoring starts when you buy a subscription plan and add the account in your dashboard. Then you get the reports with likes, comments likes, follows, user interests and much more.

Snoopreport is the tool for the professional users such as journalists and marketers that can research the audience’s interests and user common behavior. Individual users can learn more about their friends, beloved ones, check what favorite celebrities do on Instagram.

Try Snoopreport now!