Instagram activity tracker

Monitor anyone`s Instagram actions. See what users like, comment and whom they follow on Instagram
Check what your favorite celebrity likes and comments in Instagram
Get to know better people you care for. Keep informed on what your favorite celebrities, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends like or comment on Instagram. See anyone`s likes on Instagram - they speak tons. Instagram activity history is available for you now! No need to download Instagram spy app.
Track your kids' activities in Instagram
Keep an eye on your kids interests
Track your kids likes, comments and follows on Instagram. Make sure thereТs nothing potentially harmful. Your parental control is sustained with close monitoring of kids' activity in Instagram.
Track what photos your friends or relatives have been liking on Instagram lately
Discover your beloved person interests
Racking your brain what present to choose? Don`t make blind choices! Just track what photos they've been liking on Instagram lately. Instagram tracker will help you see through.
Check whom your boyfriend or girlfriend follow and comment in Instargram
Keep your jealousy at bay
Have some personal concerns or trust issues? You don't have to spy and have a peep on gadgets. Track instagram users your boyfriend or girlfriend follow, see whose photos they like or comment with the help of Instagram checker.
Find details of stars' and idols' lifestyle
Be closer to your favorite celebrity
Check out what they like on Instagram and get insights about their lifestyle like no one else can. Find people`s comments on Instagram. It's good to know more about stars.

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Snoopreport is free for data science students and other researchers.
Contact us to get a dataset for free. We will be happy to support the community.

How it works

Instagram snooper doesn`t need access to your account, doesn`t need downloading
We collect data from open sources. Legal use only!
We use publicly available data, as well as Big Data, to predict users behavior and verify their actions.
We do not need access to your account. Or anyone else for that matter.
You don't have to install app on your cell phone.
Collected data are available in your cabinet and can be exported to excel file
As a result of monitoring you'll get easy to analyze reports
View weekly and monthly reports of instagram activity in your dashboard. You can also download all chosen user Instagram actions for in-depth analytics.
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Frequently asked questions

Why monitoring other users on Instagram?
Monitoring other user actions can give brands and bloggers the insights of their audience’s needs, preferences and habits, their competitors’ Instagram growth strategy, the understanding of influencers. For Individual users - it’s a great way to know one’s interests better, what their family and friends do and whom their favourite celebrities like on Instagram
Why Snoopreport?
It’s a unique and only platform that monitors Instagram users’ activity as likes, comments and followings.
How do we collect Instagram user actions?
We use publicly available data as well as big data to track user behaviour and check the actions performed.